8- Two free Cyber Security tools to audit your business Cyber Resilience

by | Oct 17, 2023 | Podcast

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The Cybersecurity for Small Business podcast discusses two free auditing tools for small business cybersecurity.  Cybersecurity for small businesses shouldn’t be overly expensive or complicated. It is important to understand cybersecurity risks and spend resources wisely. 

Many cybersecurity companies offer free audits but often follow up with expensive remediation plans without a tailored strategy. It’s crucial to assess and prioritize cybersecurity risks based on your business’s unique needs.

The first tool discussed is the “Microsoft Secure Score.” This tool is useful for businesses with Microsoft Cloud infrastructure, such as Office 365. It provides a percentage score based on security settings within your Microsoft tenancy. The Microsoft Secure Score also offers a comparison with other organizations of similar size, helping you benchmark your security. It tracks changes in your score over time, which may result from taking actions to improve security or Microsoft introducing new features.

Learn more about Microsoft Secure Score here: Microsoft Secure Score | Microsoft Learn

The second tool revolves around the “Australian Cyber Security Essential 8” framework, which is popular in Australia for enhancing cyber resilience. The Essential 8 covers eight critical areas, including application control, patching, user application hardening, admin privileges, and more. Businesses can choose their desired maturity level based on their specific risks. The tool offers a questionnaire and then provides a customized remediation action plan to improve security based on your chosen level.

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The assessment tool helps small businesses understand their current cybersecurity maturity and provides recommendations for enhancing security. It’s free, easy to use, and allows businesses to tailor their security efforts to their unique needs.

However, both tools have limitations. The Microsoft Secure Score focuses on Microsoft Cloud infrastructure, excluding other components and cloud-based applications. The Australian Cyber Security Essential 8 primarily addresses Windows-based Internet-connected networks, overlooking other cloud-based software.

In summary, these tools aim to empower small businesses to assess and improve their cybersecurity posture. They offer valuable insights and action plans to enhance security without significant cost. The ultimate goal is to assist small business owners in reducing their cybersecurity risks while optimizing innovation and productivity, keeping pace with the ever-evolving cyber threat landscape. Small businesses are encouraged to revisit these assessments regularly to stay up to date and improve their security measures over time.

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