2 – The 3 most important things you can do to increase the cyber security in your small business.

by | Oct 21, 2022 | Podcast

In episode two of the “Cybersecurity for Small Business” podcast, James from Extreme Networks discusses three cost-effective ways to increase cybersecurity for small businesses. The main goal of this podcast is to demystify cybersecurity and provide practical solutions to keep businesses safe. 

Training for Staff: James emphasizes the importance of training your staff in cybersecurity. He shares a link to a video that helps identify phishing emails, a common method hackers use to breach security. By educating your employees to recognize and avoid phishing emails, you reduce the risk of security breaches. (See link here: https://www.facebook.com/cs4sb/) 

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA): MFA is a powerful tool to enhance cybersecurity. James explains how weak passwords can be exploited easily, and how MFA offers an added layer of security by requiring something the user knows (password) and something the user has (a mobile app or key fob). Implementing MFA can significantly reduce the chances of unauthorized access. 

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See here for the top MFA tools you can use: Top 11 Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) Solutions for Business In 2023 (expertinsights.com) 

Effective Backup Systems: James emphasizes the importance of a robust backup system. He highlights the need to consider what data you’re backing up, as businesses often overlook cloud-based data. He discusses the importance of setting Restore Time Objectives (RTO) and Restore Point Objectives (RPO) based on your business’s specific needs. Understanding these objectives helps in planning for data recovery, so you can minimize downtime and data loss. 

James also mentions the significance of regularly testing your data restoration process to ensure that it works as intended. He further emphasizes that cloud-based data should not be taken for granted and should also be included in your backup strategy. 

While training, MFA, and backups are not part of the Australian Cyber Security Centre’s Essential Eight, James explains that these practical measures can significantly contribute to improving cybersecurity for small businesses. The podcast concludes by encouraging businesses to assess and enhance their cybersecurity measures in these three key areas, even when working with limited budgets and resources. 

In summary, the podcast provides valuable insights on cost-effective cybersecurity strategies for small businesses, stressing the importance of training, multi-factor authentication, and effective backup systems. These measures help decrease the risk of cyberattacks and mitigate potential damage if a breach occurs. 

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